Highlandlake District

On June 1, 1871, Lorin Cassandre Mead and his wife, Elizabeth, stepped off the stage in front of the “Old Colony Building,�?and surveyed the dusty main street of the recently established Chicago-Colorado Colony. Only a few months old, the colony, soon to be known as Longmont, already boasted four or perhaps five hundred citizens, “full of faith in the enterprise so auspiciously commenced.�?Read more. . .

Histories & Biographies

You can find an index here for some of the histories, letters, newspaper articles, and biographies that we have in our collection concerning early residents, families, and stories about Highlandlake's early days. Coming Soon

Law and Order

From its earliest days, Highlandlake had a Justice of the Peace. Since crime was rare, Frederick P. Waite rarely had the need to hold a court. However, it seems that when he did, it was usually about water rights, or unpaid bills. Coming Soon


By 1905 Highlandlake had several businesses to be proud of. The oldest store in the community was Ritchie's Grocery founded in 1897. M. S. Adams opened in 1902 on the north shore of the lake. Coming Soon

School Days

The Highlandlake School was first opened in the fall of 1877. That first fall they met in their teacher's home. By the spring of 1878, a proper school house was erected. Read more here. . .


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This is true in any community, and Highlandlake was no exception. Coming Soon

Ephemera and Photos

Hidden deep in our archives is a growing collection of artifacts, ephemera, and other interesting items. Coming Soon!


Agriculture was the original reason that Highlandlake came to be. When L. C. Mead first homesteaded this area, his original plan was to raise sheep. There is no evidence that he ever did this, but instead decided to grow wheat instead. The first year he planted 80 acres of wheat, and within a few years had brought the Highland Ditch down from near Lyons, enlarged the lake and built a dike on the south shore of the lake. Coming Soon

Public/Private Records

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Post Office

1883 was a busy year for Highlandlake. The little village was growing and the services of a post office were not only desired, but necessary for the flourishing little community. On November 11, 1883, the first post office was opened with William Henry Oviatt appointed as Postmaster, and Highlandlake finally had a place of its own on the map. Coming soon.


Reading about the early settlers to our region, helps us to understand who they were, what they were like, and how they contributed to the Highlandlake Community. Coming Soon

News Articles

Highlandlake had its own column in the area newspapers, including those in Longmont, Berthoud, Platteville, and later Mead. Local gossip was the main fare, giving us glimpses into the daily lives of Highlandlake citizens and the surrounding areas. Coming Soon.

Congregational Church of Highlandlake

The Historic Highlandlake Church building is owned and operated by Historic Highlandlake, Inc. a 501 (c)3 Colorado non-profit, historical society Since 1917, it has served as a community center and event venue. For our building's history, click here. For information on booking our building for your event, click here.