Pioneer Cemetery


The Highlandlake Pioneer Cemetery is open to the public from dawn to dusk

Anyone caught in the cemetery after dark without signed, written permission in their immediate possession, is subject to arrest.
Questions? Please contact our Executive Director, Pauli Driver-Smith at:

In early 1883, several residents of the rapidly growing hamlet of Highlandlake, formed the Highlandlake Cemetery Association. Within weeks they purchased one and a half acres of high ground west of the lake from C. A. Pound. This parcel also included an older family burial ground dating to 1878. The cemetery association dissolved in 1906. However, sporadic burials continued until the late 1940s.

Descendants of L. C. Mead kept the records safe, adding to them as best they could. In the late 1990s, a great grandson of L. C. Mead obtained the cemetery deed from Weld County. In 2001, he donated the land to Historic Highlandlake, Inc. Several years later, the Mead/Jensen family donated all of the remaining cemetery records, including the original plot maps, cemetery record book, secretary minutes, transcriptions, and other miscellaneous records.

Today, Historic Highlandlake maintains the Pioneer cemetery with the help of volunteers and a growing perpetual maintenance fund. For information about persons buried there, available grave sites, or volunteer opportunities, please contact our president, Pauli Smith at: (970) 535-4936


Updates: the Longmont Times-Call did a front page story about our fundraiser. Click here to read it. Denver's Channel 7 news did a segment on their 10 o'clock news cast on 6/2/2017. Click here to see it. Check out Denver's Channel 9 news 5 o'clock newscast on 6/4/2017. Click here.

Imagine a beautiful multi-hued brick walkway winding through the Potter’s Field area. Customized bricks form the foundation and strategic xeriscaping further enhance the area. Along the way, meditation benches afford a peaceful resting spot while you take in the majestic view of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

For many years members of Historic Highlandlake, Inc. have dreamed of providing something special for the many children buried Potter’s Field. With this fundraiser we are able to do just that.

Our goal is to raise at least $20,000. Any proceeds left over after the walkway is finished, will go into our perpetual maintenance cemetery fund (managed by the Longmont Community Foundation) helping to guarantee care of the Highlandlake Pioneer Cemetery for generations to come. Click here for brochure. About June 11, you should be able to order online as well. Side 1 Side 2

  • Mark Angus has installed a new flagpole and flower planter near the entrance of our cemetery. He did this for his Eagle Scout project and what a project it was. Generations are going to see and enjoy the efforts of his work. Congratulations Mark on achieving Scoutings highest honor!

  • We now have a Perpetual Cemetery Fund managed by Longmont Community Foundation. The money donated to this fund will help maintain and preserve the Highlandlake Pioneer Cemetery for generations to come. We are a 501 ( c )(3) charitable organization which means that your cash donation to this fund is deductible. All you have to do is click here and you will be taken to the Longmont Community Foundation page. Once there, you can type in Highlandlake Cemetery Fund and designate how much you want to give. Thanks!  Link to Longmont Community Foundation

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

  • If you know of a youth group that would like to help mow and maintain the cemetery, whether it is once or several times during the growing season, please contact us!

  • The Paul Mead section of our cemetery in in dire need of sprucing up. Paul is the founder of the Town of Mead and he and his family should have their graves looking a lot nicer than they are now. Eagle Scout Project?

  • Each year for Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Veterans Day, we place flags at every marked graveside, then a couple days later remove them. This would be a perfect project for some young people who are looking for volunteer hours.

For more information, please call our President, Pauli Driver-Smith (970) 535-4936

Records, Photos, and Stories:

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DU Professor Lawrence conyer explains to a Greeley Tribune reporter how the GPR machine works.
Read all about Cadaver dogs and how they helped us locate unmarked graves.
Building the new entrance, donated by the Matrinez family in memory of their brother, Petey Martinez.
Mark Parsons
Migrant Worker from 2004 "Voices From The Grave" Cemetery Tour
A young girl places a flag at a grave for Memorial Day 2010